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Whether you are looking for tips to become a better player, or you want to dive in for the first time as a DFS player, we've got exactly what you're looking for. Of course, it will take time to either create a good habit or break your bad habits. Most of you are straight to the point , and just want to win. Our goal is to help you become consistent. 


Today's DFS 5 Pack

As a member of the DFS 5 Pack, you won't just be fed fish; You will become a fisherman. The key is to stay consistent with the strategies that we've learned, and most importantly, ​be mindful of your bankroll. You must remain disciplined. No need to play all of your cards in one night. There will be good days and there will be bad days, but if you follow our lead, you are sure to win more than you lose. 


The members only page will allow you to access everything that you need to get my opinion on today's slate. This page will give you access to the daily 5 pack plays, and links that will help you become a more advanced player. 

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Happy Hump Day!!  

Cash Lineup:

PG Dennis Schroeder $7000 - Schroeder comes with a massive projection next to his name if you check out RotoGrinders today. This should drive up ownership which creates a safety net for him him in cash games. I also love him for his overall usage and just pure volume that he has to handle within this offense. At 7k you are looking for 35 DK points as your mark for a sufficient game. Dennis has scored 35+ in each game this year and this is one of the easier matchups he has had all year. 

SG Joe Ingles $5100 - I've been mentioning him all day long. He is one of the most consistent plays on the board today. You are trying to get 26 DK pts out of him in cash games at this price and he has done 25-33 in every game this season minus his game where he almost sat with sickness issues. He will continue to stuff the stat sheet and has a solid matchup with Portland tonight. 

SF Tyreke Evans $5300 - Gasol and Conley are both "Q" tonight and should be a game time decision. I like Evans no matter what, but he becomes close to a must play if either of those guys sit. Evans is a very good basketball player and he has excelled in his roll with Memphis. He has topped 30 DK pts in 3 straight and I expect him to get close to that again tonight. Another thing to like is I figure he gets his minutes no matter what the game flow works out to be here tonight. 

PF Damontas Sabonis $5700 - I get the appeal of the fade in GPP, but in cash games he's just been too good not to play him. Watching him last night it was pretty obvious that his illness wasn't slowing him down. He has been a beast almost all season and has scored extremely well off his salary almost every game. While Cleveland should play well tonight its not like they can instantly become a defensive juggernaut or play at a slow pace. I expect Cle to win the game but for the Pacers to keep it relevant. I imagine he will be popular tonight too. 

C Joel Embid $7900 - I really like both Howard and Embid today and very possibly play both of them together. The Haws are real bad vs. Centers and have no way to check Embid. Most importantly Embid is possibly the most consistent guy in the NBA early on this season. On his salary you are looking for about 40 DK pts. He has put up between 38 and 45 each game this year. Perfect reliability. 

  • Too many players to bring up everyone tonight, if I don't mention someone it doesn't mean they need to be skipped. 

  • Anthony Davis/Harden/Giannis/Cousins - I won't play them for cash tonight but if you like any of them you won't hear me screaming get them out of your lineup. They are ranked per my order here but on any given night it could be any of them. 

  • LeBron James - I prefer King James over any of them tonight. The Cavs are coming off a 3 game losing streak, they have had 2 days off, don't play tomorrow, and had a players meeting to discuss how awful they have been. Part of me thinks LeBron's teammates step it up tonight, part of my thinks LeBron leads by example and has a huge game. Either way both Indy and Cavs play at a fast pace and neither do much for defense. I wouldn't be surprised by LeBron being the highest DFS scorer of the night but my sole reservation comes from Cle's secondary players like Crowder, Love, Rose, etc. all play really well and the King gets to defer a bit. 

  • John Wall - Positives for him? Suns give it up to the PG position and the high projections make a ton of sense. Negatives for him? He really hasn't been himself early on and the blowout potential in this game is real. I'm torn on him a bit, he should cut up Phoenix without breaking a sweat, but he should also have gone beast mode on some of the other teams this year and hasn't. Still, if Phoenix plays well the 60+ upside is real. 

  • Kristaps Porzingis - I like him much more than his projections. He has been amazing all year minus the Boston game. He has to be awesome for this team and this game should have pace. 

  • Ben Simmons - Just like Embid he is ultimate consistency. If you like him better but don't want too much exposure to 76ers you can flip this pick and go Simmons over Embid. 

  • DeMar Derozen - Almost always cash game relative. A little under value the other night for us but that game flow is unlikely to replicate. 

  • Kevin Love - Almost a guarantee for a double double tonight. I've talked about him a lot today, like him plenty. 

  • Dwight Howard - I love both Howard and Embid tonight. Howard had 22 boards vs Milw a few days ago and Milw routinely gives it up to big men all year. 

  • Jeff Teague - Things are really coming together for him and his new team. Makes a ton of sense. 

  • Lauri Markenan - Just check out his game log to understand why he makes sense for cash games. Love consistency. 

  • Harrison Barnes - Consistency, consistency, consistency. 

  • Gary Harris and Jamaal Murray - I like both guys from Denver. I trust Harris more but Murray has the higher upside. 

  • Tim Hardaway Jr. - Finally found his stroke. 

  • Thaddeus Young - Not flashy but consistent in a game I like a lot. 

  • TJ McConnell - Not a necessity at his new price, but still reliable for his new role. 

  • Jarret Jack - Not a must but a sufficient play. 

  • Tyler Ulis and Mike James - They seem to taking turns being the better play. Like both, neither  a necessity. 

  • TJ Warren/Devin Booker/Josh Jackson/Bender - In that order those are my other Suns you can check out. 

  • Dillon Brooks - Only if Conley and Gasol sit. 


GPP 5-Pack:


1. Dennis Schroder - For DFS purposes I am a big Schroder fan, and tonight he is one of my favorite plays on the slate.  With an extremely high usage rate, Schroder’s game is tailored for DraftKings and because Atlanta really lacks talent, Schroder is asked to do a ton.  At 7k, I think Schroder is an excellent play in all formats as I think he easily has a low 30’s floor with an upside somewhere in the high 40’s or low 50’s.  I think Atlanta is competitive tonight in Philly and Schroder is a big reason why.


2. Jamal Murray - After mushing us a few days ago when we used him in cash and as part of the 5 Pack, Murray is back on my good side after going for close to 70 in his past 2 games combined.  Murray still hasn’t gotten hot behind the 3 point line which only means he is due for even more positive regression and in a game I think should be relatively high scoring, Murray is one of my top pieces.  I see 30+ points again tonight for Murray and if he gets hot, that number could be much higher.


3. Tyreke Evans - Regardless of whether Conley and/or Gasol play, I like Evans a lot tonight.  After a couple down years, Evans looks really comfortable back in his old stomping grounds of Memphis and is looking more and more like the guy we saw at the beginning of his career.  After dropping close to 40 last game, I see no reason why Evans won’t at least be in the 30’s again tonight and at 5.2k, anything more than that is just gravy.


4. Kevin Love - Not all of your guys in GPP’s need to be low floor/high upside guys and sometimes we like a guy who is safe with upside.  Love is that guy tonight and it is doubtful he goes 8x his value tonight but even more doubtful he drops below 5x.  I think Love is good for mid 40’s here tonight in a game that I expect the Cavs to play well and that should be high scoring.  At 7.5k, I like Love a lot here and while he doesn’t have the highest upside in the world, if all my guys had a ratio like Love does tonight I’d venture to say I’d win money.


5. Dwight Howard - Insert big man playing Milwaukee here.  After a down game against Memphis on Monday, I think Dwight bounces back in a huge way tonight against the Bucks.  We’ve seen big man after big man have their way with the Bucks and I see no reason why that wouldn’t continue tonight.  Like Love, I also think Howard is close to a lock for mid 40’s tonight and at 7.5k, he is a really good play in any format.  While they do very different things, Love and Howard are very similar in how many points they put up per game and I’m more than fine running both of them out there tonight where they should give me around 90 combined.


Other players I like a lot in GPP formats:

  1. James Harden - My favorite high priced player on the slate, hard to afford here but just enough cap space if you really want him.

  2. LeBron James - I prefer Harden, but it’s close and I’d never argue with you for playing the King.

  3. Joel Embiid - Seems like close to a lock for 40.  I expect a monster game sooner or later.

  4. Victor Oladipo - The top offensive option for a Pacers team facing a Cavs squad that couldn’t stop me and Ryan.

  5. Bradley Beal - I like this game a lot and will probably run a game stack a time or two but Beal is probably my top one off dollar for dollar.

  6. Eric Gordon - Anyone shooting 15 three’s a game is in play in my book.

  7. Enes Kanter - The definition of a GPP option.

  8. Chandler Parsons - At 3.4k, Parsons could be a really good value play tonight.  While he won’t see more than 20 minutes, he could easily surpass 20 points which would make him a great play.


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DFS 5 Pack Results

DFS 5 Pack Results

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